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1.What kind of school are you?

We are a bilingual kindergarten. We welcome all children born in China, as well as Chinese children born abroad and/or children of foreign dissent holding foreign passports.

2.Which grades do you offer and what is the age range of children at your school?

We are a kindergarten serving children two to six years old. Children are placed in classrooms by age ¨C two year olds together in one classroom, three and four year olds in another classroom and five year old kindergarteners in a classroom of their own.

3.How many students are enrolled in each class, and what is the ratio of students to teachers?

We enroll up to twenty-two children per class and employ one qualified teacher per four children.

4.What is your education philosophy?

Jack & Jill Children¡¯s Center has adopted the research-based HighScope Preschool Curriculum, which was developed in Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA. In 1962, the founders perceived a need for schools for young children that could move beyond a focus on social and emotional well-being, to address children¡¯s intellectual development through active learning opportunities, through which adults and children would explore, experiment, and learn together. It has been updated and revised over the past 50 years by the HighScope Educational Research Foundation, an independent, not-for-profit organization that promotes the development of children and youth worldwide.

5.What is your daily curriculum?

Teachers plan, prepare for and present activities throughout each school day within month-long themes that have been determined to be of interest to our children. They are presented in ways that are age-appropriate, hands-on, and intellectually challenging. They are also designed to address the knowledge-base and developmental skill-sets outlined by the HighScope Educational Research Foundation ¨C a chart of 58 Key Developmental Indicators our teachers refer to daily as a planning tool for the growth and development of children two to six.

Throughout the school year, teachers will also work with children to development long-term, project-based explorations based on children¡¯s interests.

6.What is your daily schedule?

Our daily routine has been designed to support children¡¯s sense of security and independence. We believe that a consistent routine day after day gives children the sense of security they need to make choices and take risks. The main components include: Free Choice Time, Small Group Activities, Circle Time, Snack Time, Outside Time, Lunch, Rest Time, Afternoon Snack, Outside Explorations, and Closing Circle Time.

7.How do you implement your bilingual curriculum? How do you teach children to speak English?

Each classroom is staffed with both Chinese teachers (who speak to children in Mandarin throughout the day), and English speaking foreign-born teachers (who speak to children in English throughout the day). We have adopted a ¡°language immersion¡± approach to teaching a second language. Our teachers have been trained to understand, that in an early years¡¯ program, children two to six will not understand everything that they say. Therefore, they use body language, visuals, manipulatives, exaggerated facial expressions and intonations to communicate meaning, tell stories and sing songs.

8.What are the school hours?

Half day: 8:30am - 12:30pm;

Full day: 8:30am - 4:30pm.

9.How do you communicate with the parents?

We will provide:

  • An individualized Daily Report
  • WeChat group communication (on a daily basis)
  • Weekly classnotes from the Head Teacher of your child¡¯s class
  • Monthly Individualized Photo Album (optional)
  • Parent/Teacher conferences 3 times a year
  • Regularly scheduled salons for parents