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We have adopted the research-based, HighScope Preschool Curriculum, which was developed in Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA, in 1962. It was developed on the premise that schools for young children could move beyond a focus on social and emotional well-being, to address children¡¯s intellectual development through active learning opportunities within a supportive classroom community. It has been updated and revised over the past 50 years by the HighScope Educational Research Foundation, an independent, not-for-profit organization that promotes the development of children and youth worldwide and supports educators and parents as they help children learn.

HighScope is not a ¡°curriculum in a box¡±. It is not designed to tell teachers what to do and what to say on each school-day of the month. Rather, it is a framework that has been designed to give teachers the flexibility they need to develop activity plans around children¡¯s interests, keeping in mind where each child is developmentally, and taking into account the cultural/ethnic mix off the children being served.

Children¡¯s interests and choices are at the heart of the HighScope program. At Jack & Jill, teachers encourage children to generate ways to answer their own questions and share their ideas with others. Supported by adults who are genuinely interested in what they say and do, young children are able to construct their own understanding of the world around them and gain a sense of control and personal satisfaction.